Blumea Camphor & Queen’s Flower Fusion Tea Orange Flavor

tea_wildteafusion (1)

BLUMEA CAMPHOR & QUEEN’S FLOWER FUSION TEA (Sambong& Banaba) is Mother Nature’s cold remedy. Sambong (Blumea Camphor) is known to relieve symptoms of cough and colds due to its expectorant properties. It is also said to have an anti-diarrhetic effect. Queen’s Flower(Banaba) is a natural source of dietary fiber and minerals. Sambong and Banaba infused together in an herbal tea may help in relieving ailments involving the kidneys and urinary tract. Make your body a little happier by sipping on a cup of Blumea Camphor & Queen’s Flower Fusion Tea!

Ingredients: Blumea Camphor (sambong) and Queen’s Flower (banaba) leaves, orange blossoms, rose petals, stevia tea leaves

20 tea bags x 1gm per tea bag

Sugar Free
*Contains Real Tea Leaves

YOUR NEXT STEP:Please transfer
1. Through Western Union, LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier,etc..

Please use this information: SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Mr. Jim Magbanua
Phase 1,Pinagsama Village,Taguig City, Metro Manila Philippines
Call or Text+639-4720-90540
For Metro Manila Only..FREE DELIVERY..

Mr. Jim Magabanua

(63) 947-2090-540(Smart)
(63) 915-8862-763(Globe)



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